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A Stunning Rosso Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia on deep concave Strasse Wheels

11/17/2015 15:22:08
A Stunning Rosso Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia on deep concave Strasse Wheels
A stunning Rosso Corsa example of the Ferrari 458 Italia residing in Miami was outfitted with a set of deep concave Strasse Wheels.

The Ferrari 458 Italia remains one of the most thrilling, driver-focused and beautiful cars ever created by the Italian automaker, even if earlier in the year it was replaced by replaced by the Ferrari 488 GTB

When it was introduced in 2009, the 458 Italia revolutionised the entry-level supercar industry and is still regarded as the benchmark in the industry. Many of the 458 Italia owners choose to modify or to personalize their cars, and most recently a stunning Rosso Corsa example residing in Miami was outfitted with a set of deep concave Strasse Wheels. 

At the front, the wheels measure 20×9 while at the rear they are 21×12 in size complete with 325/25 tyres at the rear. Thanks to the gloss brushed deep bronze finish, they provide this 458 Italia with an eye-catching and bespoke look.


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